2022: Halfway There

2022: Halfway There

Environmentalists oppose the idea of crypto and blockchain for reasons that have been said and heard. Plastiks wanted to alter that, and we are always looking for new ways to differentiate ourselves. As we approach the halfway mark of 2022, developing new alliances and improving our platform has truly helped us make significant progress towards our ultimate goal of averting climate change.

Our first main step towards what we had in mind and what we felt was important to execute, was Celo, a proof-of-stake blockchain platform with native stablecoins backed by a basket of crypto assets that is ecologically sustainable.

The Celo reserve can develop an incentive mechanism that connects demand for stablecoins with the protection of natural capital by assigning a portion of these assets to natural capital.

Therefore, the Climate Collective was founded in October 2021 as a community-driven initiative to combat climate change by tokenizing rainforests and other carbon-sequestering assets to allow natural capital-backed stablecoins on Celo.

Over the next four years, the collective proposes that up to 40% of the Celo Reserve (which backs the Celo Dollar and Celo Euro stablecoins) be converted to tokenized rainforest and other carbon sequestering assets.. Thus, supporting natural capital backed currencies on the Celo platform, inspired by Charles Eisenstein’s Sacred Economics.

Our goal is to bring a new sort of regenerative tokenized asset called Plastic Recovery Guarantee (PRG) to CELO, as well as a thriving NFT marketplace that supports a diverse variety of communities and use cases, such as sports and entertainment. Celo’s carbon-neutral blockchain, would also help Plastiks by assisting in the carbon offset of its NFTs.

Our CEO, Andre Vanyi Robin, strongly believes that partnering with Celo is a critical step for Plastiks in achieving our aim of increasing the economic value of recycled plastic. As a result, reducing the quantity of plastic waste that ends up in the environment.

Having access to Celo’s carbon-neutral blockchain, and exchanging information with the Climate Collective’s diverse group of environmentally conscious partners, this will enable us to create more business synergies to help companies address their ESG agendas, while exploring innovative methods to regenerate our global communities employed by NFTs.

Buying and Selling NFTs Made Easy

Celo is our backbone and we are excited to announce that our platform now supports the buying and selling of NFTs and recovery guarantees. This new feature enables you to attach recovery guarantees to artwork before merging, making it easier and more convenient to protect your investment. We believe that this will help to foster a more secure and efficient marketplace for NFTs.

The First Sustainability Dashboard and Map

As an environmentally sustainable project, we need the support of each and every one of our stakeholders! Plastic producers, users, artists, and waste management companies — with a specific interest in increasing plastic recovery and recycling — can show their commitment to making this happen and be seen by other stakeholders.

Each person, or company, can have its own profile, which can be accessed by any other curious visitor. With this effort, we have become the first Sustainability Dashboard in the market! This will allow for full transparency and accountability when it comes to sustainability practices and will help increase the overall recycling and recovery rates of plastic. This is a critical step in the fight against climate change, and Plastiks is leading the way.

Additionally, the new sustainability map feature enables recovering and recycling companies to come on board, and be supported by Plastiks all around the world. This is a great way to choose where you want to focus your impact, and also to track where your favorite companies are concentrating their efforts.

Partnership with Gravity Wave

Our progress is not just restricted to new features; we’ve also formed amazing collaborations, such as this one with The Gravity Wave this project is a green effort originating in Spain, that aims to improve the ecology and social effect of the Mediterranean by collecting, reusing, and repurposing plastic trash into useful items.

Gravity Wave will employ Plastiks NFTs to verify the plastic it recovers from the Mediterranean in its clean-up activities as part of the cooperation. On our marketplace, the NFTs will be listed among other plastic guarantees. At the same time, Plastiks will be the primary marketplace that has more than 50 other firms in Gravity Wave’s “Plastic Free Oceans” commitment, including multinationals and household names like Flying Tiger, Iberdrola, Kantar, and insurer QBE.

Gravity Wave will use funds raised from NFT sales to continue removing plastic from the sea, expanding the network of plastic fishermen in the Mediterranean, and, as a result, have a greater positive impact on our seas and oceans, as well as the human communities that live in close proximity to this valuable natural resource.

NFTs, according to Gravity Wave, are a novel format for certifying plastic recovery as well as a way to engage and urge the public to trust the recycling process.




What’s next?

As advocates for a better world for future generations, we will continue to work closely together in the future to tackle any challenges expressly connected to environmental sustainability. By working together, we can build a better future for our planet and its inhabitants.

Fingers crossed that the rest of the year runs well! Keep watching this space for more updates and blogs, and as always give us a follow on Twitter to stay updated.