5 benefits of connecting your business with Plastiks

By now, most of you know the benefits of recovering plastic from the environment. But plastic recovery does not only benefit the environment and the local communities – it will ultimately also benefit your business!  You can strengthen your brand reputation, connect with your customers and generate a new source of income by attracting new […]

Token Migration, everything you need to know.


What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. The bear market is well and truly established, and has been squeezing projects and investors for a good couple of months. On top of that, we were unlucky to have been the target of a well-planned hack, just one month ago. Luckily, the Plastiks tokens of holders remained untouched.   […]

5 sustainability trends in 2023


Human behavior is constantly changing based on our surroundings and new knowledge. Now 2022 is coming to an end, and we can start to see which patterns and behaviors are shaping us now and into the coming year.     Research has shown an increased awareness amongst consumers regarding sustainability, and retailers and organizations will have […]

Humans are eating and breathing plastic particles


Did you know that every piece of plastic ever made, still exists today? Some pieces have been recycled and turned into new products, but most plastics have degraded into smaller particles. These small particles, called micro and nanoplastics, have now found their way into the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we […]

Product redesign is crucial to achieve a circular economy


Less than 10% of plastic worldwide gets recycled. But why? There are various reasons for the recycling rate being so low, and it’s partly due to a lack of recycling-infrastructure. However, a large part is due to the way plastics are made – they are not made to be reused. This is a major flaw in design at […]

Siminetti joins Plastiks to fight plastic pollution 


Luxurious, fashionable and sustainable are three words to describe Siminetti, creators of the world’s finest Mother of Pearl surfaces. They create tiles and mosaics with unique designs, using shells from the food and pearl business that would have otherwise been discarded. And now, they’ve partnered with Plastiks to fight plastic pollution alongside their clients.   Sustainable and […]

Why your business needs a sustainability plan and how to create one

Creating your companies sustainability plan

Sustainability doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Implementing a sustainability plan can help you make small changes to create long term results and help your business lower its environmental impact.   Why you should have a sustainability plan  A sustainability plan will be your roadmap on how to continue to grow your business in a […]

French Hotel sponsors plastic recovery in Brazil


Faced with the complex task of prioritizing practices that contribute to climate action and to meet their ESG agendas, companies are making important decisions to define the most urgent issues that must be addressed by their business model to minimize their negative impacts on the planet. The most urgent action is to minimize global warming, […]

Where does the recovered plastic end up? 


While plastic pose a major threat to our environment, it does have significant benefits over other materials. It has contributed to our modern society in several ways, which has increased the demand for plastics worldwide. Unfortunately, careless disposal has led to excessive plastic pollution. But, when disposed and recycled correctly, it can be given a new life with purpose contributing to a circular economy instead of polluting the environment. That’s why Plastiks make sure all recovered plastic […]

The impact of International Coastal Cleanup Day in Mombasa, Kenya 

On Saturday, September 17, 2022, International Coastal Cleanup Day took place. A lot of wonderful initiatives around the world were arranged, contributing to cleaner oceans and beaches, as well as educating people on waste management. One such arrangement took place in Mombasa, Kenya, where two of the organisations that joined the coastal cleanup are Plastiks […]