Plastiks x Urbaser Partnership: First Giant On-Board

Plastiks x Urbaser Partnership: First Giant On-Board

At Plastiks, we know that our platform has the potential to revolutionise the plastics & recycling industries. We are excited to announce that this has also been recognised by the waste management giant Urbaser. Plastiks and Urbaser have signed an agreement for the implementation of a pilot project focussed on guaranteeing the recycling of single-use plastics.

Thanks to this agreement, producers and recyclers of single-use plastics will be able to connect the production of this material and its marketing and subsequent recycling process to ensure that the production of plastic does not end up harming the environment.

In the words of Fernando Cortés of Urbaser, “with the signing of this agreement, Urbaser will be able to issue recovered polypropylene plastic guarantees so that they can be sold again to the producers of single-use plastic, thus reintroducing them into the production process and contributing to the Circular Economy”.

André Vanyi-Robin, CEO of Plastiks, said “the agreement marks the start of a stand-alone, global plastic-recovery incentive model where recyclers and consumer brand companies can come together to ensure that single-use plastic does not end up in the environment. In addition, having a partner like Urbaser brings credibility and strength to the project”.

Who are Urbaser?

Urbaser is a leading global environmental management company, focused on sustainability and innovation, serving more than 70 million people in 25 countries through a network of more than 50,000 employees. It currently cleans more than 8 million kilometres of streets in cities around the world and maintains 25 million square metres of green spaces. It operates 133 waste treatment facilities with a total of 20 million tonnes treated; it produces 1,500 GWh of electricity from waste and in the last year has avoided the emission of almost 2 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

Why Urbaser?

The continued proliferation of plastic waste is an enormous problem yet to be solved. Plastiks is doing its best to find a solution to this immense task. However, we need to have giants in the recycling industry to join us on our journey if we are to even begin solving the plastic crisis. To have Urbaser on board provides us with a unique opportunity to expand our platform in an unprecedented way. Although, initially, the pilot project will be limited to 350 tonnes of recycled PP, there is the possibility of expanding this to millions of tonnes annually. For Urbaser, this partnership represents an exciting innovation in its business as it propels the recycling business into the cryptospace making it the first major recycler to do so. This provides it not only with a new revenue stream but also an exciting marketing opportunity.

What now?

Plastiks and Urbaser share a common vision of moving towards a circular economy. Urbaser has already created their first recycling certificate and the next few weeks will see them create their first NFTs connected to both art and recycling data. Hopefully, Urbaser will lead the charge and encourage many other recyclers to follow in the coming months. Read more about where the recovery of plastics end up

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