Business solutions

Reach your sustainability goals by choosing one of
three ways to sponsor plastic recovery

Compensate for your plastic usage/production and take responsibility for your plastic footprint

Recover twice as much plastic as you produce, and be twice as responsible for your plastic footprint

Engage your customers

Engage your customers by offering plastic recovery directly at your checkout

Reward and empower your customers with a plastic recovery campaign

Create utility NFTs that support plastic recovery

Sponsor based on sales

Sponsor plastic recovery with every product or service sold

Set up a yearly plastic recovery goal and reach it with a monthly sponsorship

By sponsoring recovery projects, you are:

Contributing to a cleaner environment and saving wildlife

Providing financial support to improve the daily activities of the recovery project

Contributing to improving the lives of local communities in the surrounding area

Support plastic recovery

Plastiks empowers plastic recovery projects to recover plastic waste before it reaches the ocean. We do this by connecting companies and organizations from industrialized countries with plastic recovery projects from emerging countries.

Supporting plastic recovery directly helps recovery projects to grow their environmental and social impact.

How does it work?

Follow these simple steps to take part:

Set your goal

Set up a goal of recovery by deciding how much plastic recovery you wish to sponsor and choose a recovery project to support.

Monitor your plastic recovery

Each time plastic is recovered by the recovery project, a Plastic Recovery Guarantee (PRG) is generated and uploaded onto Plastiks Marketplace.

Communicate your values

Share your positive impact with your community and incorporate environmental stewardship into your offering.

Benefits of supporting
recovery projects

By sponsoring a recovery project, you are contributing creating a cleaner environment while also creating more jobs and providing financial support in the most affected regions (and much more).

Your contribution to the environment

  • You make sure plastic waste is recovered from nature and recycled into useful objects
  • You’re improving recovery and recycling infrastructure in areas where it’s needed the most
  • You help create a cleaner environment and better living conditions for locals and animals
  • You are contributing to expanding the recovery and recycling capacity in affected regions

Your contribution to the local communities

  • You help create new jobs to people with few job opportunities
  • You’re offering dignified work to informal waste pickers
  • You’re enhancing social dignity and inclusion in the community
  • You provide education for locals about recycling and circularity
  • You’re contributing to the social development of financially challenged areas, such as financing construction of a new school or drinking well.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that you will be accomplishing.

With Plastiks, your company can

  • Take immediate and verified action against plastic pollution to meet your ESG goals
  • Incorporate environmental stewardship into your offering to meet customer needs
  • Share your positive impact with your customers and increase customer engagement
  • Empower your customers to be part of the solution to tackle plastic pollution

Ready to meet your
sustainability goals?

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