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Limited offer – Get $50 credits for free and offset your first 50 kilos of plastic!

Recover plastic for free!

Support a Plastic Recovery Project

Choose the recovery project to which you want to donate your $50 credits for the recovery of 50 kg of plastic.

You are supporting
with the recovery of 50 kg of plastic

50 Kilograms

 of plastic is equivalent to:

Plastic straws
Water bottles

How does it work?

Follow these simple steps to take part:

2. Enter your company’s name, your name and your email.

3. Congrats! You have successfully sponsored the recovery of 50 kg of plastics!

4. You’ll receive an email with further information on how to use Plastiks marketplace.

Try our platform for free and be part of the global shift towards sustainability

By having your name proudly displayed on our real-time sustainability dashboard, you will provide your customers with a clear indication of your commitment to environmental responsibility. Take the first step towards transforming your company into a sustainable powerhouse by trying our platform for free today.

Benefits for your business

Sponsoring plastic recovery projects has many benefits for your business.

You can:

  • Communicate your positve environmental and social impact to your community with your unique sustainability dashboard
  • Empower and incentivize your community to recover plastic waste
  • Meet your ESG and sustainability goals by taking verified action against plastic pollution
  • Build brand trust and strenghten your brand reputation

Our mission

Fight global plastic pollution and give everybody a chance to take action in our web3 ecosystem.

Trym, our CPO, shares some encouraging words and takes us to the roots of our journey with Plastiks. Why should we sponsor the removal of plastic from the environment?

Generate environmental & social impact today

In developing countries like Brazil, 90% of what is recycled passes through the hands of waste-picker projects. These projects raise awareness of the many limitations the waste management sector faces in their countries. They demonstrate the important role of each waste-picker in helping recycling companies to recycle more. By sponsoring a Recovery Project, you are generating environmental and social impact.

By sponsoring a recovery project, you are contributing to:

  • Improving recovery and recycling infrastructure
  • Providing them with new machines and equipment
  • Creating cleaner environment for locals
  • Creating more jobs with fair pay to people with few job opportunities
  • Educating locals about recycling and circularity

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