Green Mining

Meet Green Mining, a startup born in the heart of the Brazil, in the city of São Paulo, the most populous city in Latin America.

Brazil’s recycling rate is lower than 3% and 90% of what is recovered is carried out by an informal workforce without guaranteed labor rights, and in unpleasant working conditions such as landfills.

The project makes use of an Intelligent Reverse Logistics technology to efficiently retrieve post-consumption plastic and bring it back to the production cycle.

Supporting Green Mining guarantees decent and formal work for over 30 collectors, who previously had few job opportunities, who now receive proper training and tools. The project also uses tricycles for collections to avoid CO2 emissions. Green Mining is helping to dignify the work of those in the waste management industry in Brazil, demonstrating that the role of waste pickers is as important as any other profession, and is a necessity for the economy and the environment. Read more about where the recovery of plastics ends up

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