Green Worms

The project was founded in the village of Kerala and already operates in 20 more towns and coastal villages of India.

Green Worms seeks to alleviate the plastic pollution crises and poverty by embracing a circular economy model which will create dignified jobs by diverting waste from landfills and oceans. 

Since 2014, when it was founded, the project has already recovered 39,400 tons of waste and has created 300+ jobs for women, empowering them with technical and professional skills. Green Worms is building a female workforce in waste management, changing the cultural approach to tackle the waste crisis and to mitigate oceanic plastic pollution. 

Plastiks aims to offer Green Worms an extra source of revenue to improve their workforce development, such as technical training programs on IT integration in waste management, programs to enhance women’s leadership skills, programs to ensure better work conditions, better wages and financial inclusion.

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