Nombe Beyond

In Tanzania, most plastic becomes toxic smoke, or it ends up mixed with dust and land. But Njombe Beyond knows that it is possible to give plastic a new opportunity to meet the needs of the community.

They are an environmental project that turns plastic waste into valuable objects to be used by the local communities of Njombe. 

The project uses simple, local Precious Plastic machines to recycle plastic waste into items of value. These machines can be accessed in an open lab by local entrepreneurs, who can experiment and learn how to recycle themselves, so they can start their own business. 

Supporting Njombe Beyond means sponsoring the production of Precious Plastic machines that give locals jobs and the opportunity to start their own business. It also provides locals with much needed materials for everyday life. Single-use shampoo bottles become long lasting soap dishes, smashed casings become teaching materials, and soda bottles become school tables and chairs. 

By supporting the environmental and social impact of Njombe Beyond, plastic is given a second life and provides value to local communities.

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