Reciclador Chile

The annual plastic consumption in Chile is around 1 million tons, of which only 7% is recycled.

Collection and sorting facilities are limited, despite the number of small manual sorting systems, such as the system developed by Reciclador Chile. The lack of automatic and modern infrastructure explains how much the society relies on these smaller projects to keep their communities clean and to recycle in higher rates.

Reciclador Chile is a company located in the province of Valparaiso, Chile, committed to caring for the environment and communities by implementing a system to manage solid waste and its recovery in an efficient and timely manner. 

It is also part of the project’s mission to raise awareness about caring for the environment and to encourage a shared responsibility between organizations and citizens, promoting changes in consumption habits and behaviors regarding the sustainable management of their waste. The project, which was founded in 2018, has over 30 collection points for recyclable material in two cities. 

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