Vintz Plastics

Meet Vintz Plastics, an inspiring waste management company in Nairobi, Kenya. 

It was set up from a passion for sustainable living and waste elimination, with the desire to remove waste from dump sites, rivers, the land and the sea. 

Vintz provides a closed loop for plastic waste management, recovering plastic and recycling it into new materials. The project employs 200 people, most of them being women that would otherwise have no job prospects. Vitia Halai, the founder of Vintz Plastics says that “empowering women is at the heart of the business and I don’t want them ending up somewhere else when they don’t have jobs”

The project helps employees meet their living needs and prevents them from being idle or removed from the workforce.

Since its inception, 11 years ago, Vintz has recycled 52,513 tons of plastic waste. Their partners are growing, with collection points in Mombasa, Nakura, Nairobi and Kisumu. The end goal is a greener Kenya, cleaner seas, reduced C02 emissions, and dignified work, particularly for women. All done by converting waste into wealth.

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