2023 Rosita committed to Plastiks to recover from the environment the equivalent of a 1.5L plastic bottle for each bottle of Rosita beer produced.

Rosita wanted to create a positive environmental impact.

 Rosita beer is a craft beer, made with traditional ingredients in their most natural state (barley malts, water, hops and yeast) without additives, dyes and without fermentation. Rosita partnered with Plastiks in November 2022 when the company wanted to start committing to the environment.

 How Rosita found the right partner with Plastiks.io

 Rosita sells millions of glass bottles of beer each year. Although they were taking all necessary steps to comply with Spanish and European environmental regulations, Rosita wanted to empower her consumer community to create a positive environmental impact.

 At first, Rosita considered collaborating with various environmental consultancies and non-profit organizations committed to the environment, but then she decided to collaborate with Plastiks to have a real and measurable impact.

The concept of recovering a plastic bottle for every glass bottle of Rosita beer you drink was innovative and also differentiating from a marketing point of view, so we decided to commit to recovering a certain amount of plastic in regions where the recovery infrastructure of waste is not like ours in Spain.

Josep Perez
Josep Perez

CEO & Founder

The collaboration allows Rosita to communicate its environmental commitment to its customers through the use of QR codes on the bottles. The QR code displays Rosita’s Sustainability Dashboard, where your customers can see Rosita’s ongoing recovery projects, a real-time update on the amount of plastic they have recovered, as well as photos and testimonials from the projects.

A unique solution, adapted to Rosita’s objectives

Josep explains that Rosita made the decision to collaborate with Plastiks because of their combination of technological innovation and positive real-world environmental impact, through their NFT-based business model. Plastiks allows waste management companies to find a third source of funding by selling proof that they are recovering plastic. The plastic is then returned to the recycling industry, where it can be put to good use and not sent to landfill or incinerated. By sponsoring waste recovery on the Plastiks platform and earning NFTs proving the plastic was recovered, Rosita is able to take immediate and verified action against plastic pollution and meet her ESG goals.

“Plastiks unique ecosystem and technology provides Rosita with a solution to address the plastic crisis from a global perspective and allows us to become more sustainable by being able to take immediate and verifiable action against plastic pollution. Each bottle of Rosita beer produced will recover the equivalent of one plastic bottle from the environment. Our goal is also to raise awareness and give more options to sustainability-oriented consumers” – Josep Perez

Now, Rosita can offer her clients environmental stewardship to meet their growing demands and empower them to be part of the solution to address plastic pollution.

“We hope to be associated with a positive environmental impact, as well as being a good quality premium beer.” – Josep Perez 

The collaboration: Rosita decided to contribute to the reduction of plastic in the environment with each product they produce. This means that they recover the equivalent of one plastic bottle from the environment for every bottle of Rosita beer produced.

The purpose: Rosita is doing everything necessary to comply with Spanish and European environmental regulations, but wanted to go further and leverage its community of consumers to create a positive environmental impact.

The projects: Rosita has chosen to generate positive environmental and social impacts in different areas of the world by supporting the Esperanza projects in India, Reciclador Chile in Chile and Leonardo GR in Spain.

In India, Esperanza employs mainly women, provides decent working conditions, and plays an important role in keeping the environment clean.

In Chile, Reciclador Chile’s mission is to raise awareness about caring for the environment and promote a shared responsibility between organizations and citizens, promoting changes in consumption habits and behaviors regarding the sustainable management of their waste.

In Spain, Leonardo GR, a company committed to the environment for 75 years, is leading the region in the collection of waste from clandestine landfills to incorporate it into the Spanish waste management system.

The impact: Rosita wanted to recover a plastic bottle

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