Let’s fight
plastic pollution

Support plastic waste collection around the world

The challenge

Plastic waste pollution has hit a critical point.

Ecosystems are collapsing.

Human health is at risk.

  • 35% of waste originates from wealthy countries, 50% of this waste is exported to developing countries
  • 70% of developing countries mismanage their own waste and lack the infrastructure to collect and recycle
  • 90% of all plastic waste entering the oceans through rivers, comes from just a few hundred rivers in Asia, Africa and Latin America

If we do not address plastic waste pollution from a global perspective, we will never solve it.

We all want to see a world without plastic in the environment. To achieve this, we must first start to recover the plastic that is already there


The solution for
plastic pollution

Fight plastic with Plastiks

Our solution connects companies and individuals with plastic recovery projects worldwide so they can grow their activity.

We nurture a network of plastic recovery projects around the world and verify that the plastic they recover is sent for recycling.

All plastic recovery data is stored on the blockchain, and the data can be accessed at anytime and verified by everyone.

We help plastic pickers to build better lives, providing them with an extra income, dignified jobs and social inclusion. 

We can all take part

You can help to recover plastic wherever you are


Go beyond your commitment

  • Start by selecting a contribution package

  • Choose the recovery project you would like to sponsor

  • Share your positive impact with your community


Plastic recovery projects

Increase your activity and empower your community

  • Earn an extra income to increase your activities and social impact

  • Connect with companies and individuals worldwide

  • Demonstrate your transparency and increase your reputation

Our impact


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Recovery Projects


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Countries where we are recovering

Helping to recover plastic is easy

Share your commitment

Share with the world that you belong to a global community in the fight against plastic pollution and for higher recycling rates. Your efforts will be verified and highlighted on your Plastiks Sustainability Dashboard, in our open and transparent system.

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