The first utility NFT marketplace that fights plastic pollution
An ecosystem that connects people around the world to empower plastic recovery projects.

For conscious user

  • Choose a recovery project to support and generate positive social/ environmental impact
  • Get special perks and treats from your favorite companies 

For business with purpose

  • Sponsor the recovery of plastic worldwide
  • Create utility NFTs 
  • Share your positive impact

For recovery projects

  • Digitalize your proof of recovery
  • Generate a new source of revenue
  • Empower your story and grow your impact
species are affected by plastics
years to decompose plastic in landfills
credit card worth of microplastics is consumed every week by each adult
% of the population have microplastics in their blood

How does it work?

Plastic waste is recovered from the environment

The plastic collectors generate an invoice with a tax ID number, location, quantity and type of plastic recovered

The invoice is verified by Plastiks to certify the act of recovery. The invoice is digitalized as a recovery guarantee

Companies can buy the recovery guarantees, merge them with their own NFT creations, to bring utility and value to their customers while doing good for the environment

Strengthen your brand reputation by supporting plastic recovery projects around the world and invite your customers to do the same

Fight global plastic pollution and prove your brands' environmental awareness

Plastiks is a marketplace enabling companies to trade Plastic Recovery Guarantees.
Worldwide plastic recovery projects are using our platform to upload their plastic recovery data. Thanks to NFT technology we can prove verifiable impact stories of how and where plastic has been recovered.

What is a Recovery Guarantee?
Our Plastic Recovery Guarantees are unique digital assets, known as NFTs, that provide companies with the transparency to share their environmental commitment. These NFTs are accessible and visible on your sustainability profile on the marketplace, so you can avoid issues of communicating unverifiable claims of your ESG (Environmental Social Governance) practices.
Monitor your impact and tell your story
On Plastiks marketplace you can monitor your impact on the environment and share it with your audience. Recovery projects from around the world are uploading their plastic recovery data using NFT technology to provide verifiable impact stories of how and where in the world plastics are recovered. Sponsor them and share your impact.
We are getting noticed
Why Blockchain? And why Celo?
Blockchain Certification ensures that all activities leading to certification are stored in a transparent and traceable way. Using the right blockchain is important, that’s why we have partnered up with Celo, which is 100% carbon neutral. Read more about Celo and their climate collective here.
Why utility NFTs?
Utility NFT Collection – We are bringing consumer brands and businesses to create utility NFT Collections that unlock benefits for their customers whilst incentivizing plastic recovery and sustainable consumption.

Addressing 4 main SDGs

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