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The Art of Recycling

We connect companies and individuals with plastic recovery projects
worldwide to fight plastic pollution and help emerging communities all around
the world. Show off your activities to engage and inspire your customers!

As of today, we have recovered:

Kilograms of plastic recovered
Equivalent in 0.5l plastic bottles

Our solutions

At Plastiks, we believe that if we don’t tackle the problem from a global perspective, we will not solve it.

We created a verifiable and transparent plastic recovery platform utilizing a carbon neutral blockchain and NFT technology, that allows companies to directly support recovery projects to remove plastic waste from the environment in regions that lack infrastructure. 

Compensate for your plastic usage/production and take responsibility for your plastic footprint

Recover twice as much plastic as you produce, and be twice as responsible for your plastic footprint

Engage your customers

Engage your customers by offering plastic recovery directly at your checkout

Reward and empower your customers with a plastic recovery campaign

Create utility NFTs that support plastic recovery

Sponsor based on sales

Sponsor plastic recovery with every product or service sold

Set up a yearly plastic recovery goal and reach it with a monthly sponsorship

Show your commitment
to the SDGs

Creating impact is great for the planet. Telling your story effectively is just as important to ignite a global revolution dedicated to planetary change. 

Express your story

Your story can reach the whole world.
Studies show that Millennials and Generation Z are willing to pay 1.5x more for sustainable products. Make sure your actions are heard and your brand align with the values of your costumers.

Show your impact

Set your brand apart and be remembered.
Share your positive impact and your commitment to sustainability with your community on Plastiks real-time dashboard. This lets your customers know you’re actively making a continuous effort to remove plastic from the environment.

Engage your audience

Change the world together with your customers.
Allow your customers to play their part in sustainable development. Plastiks offer an easy way for your customers to take action on plastic waste – and make their shopping experience more meaningful. 

Elevate planet action ​

Set a good example and encourage more effort.
Since the start of Plastiks in 2021, we have, together with our customers and partners, recovered over 1,300,000 kg of plastics. And the best part is, we’re just getting started. Join the fight against plastic pollution together with your customers today!


How does it work?

Follow these simple steps to take part:

Set your goal

Set up a goal of recovery by deciding how much plastic recovery you wish to sponsor and choose a recovery project to support.

Monitor your plastic recovery

Each time plastic is recovered by the recovery project, a Plastic Recovery Guarantee (PRG) is generated and uploaded onto Plastiks Marketplace.

Communicate your values

Share your positive impact with your community and incorporate environmental stewardship into your offering.

Our Recovery Projects

Developing countries are the ones most affected by plastic waste, mainly due to a lack of education and underdeveloped recycling infrastructure. Plastiks wants to help change this through collaboration with recovery projects in these areas.

The recovery projects we are working with are vital in restoring what plastic pollution has damaged, and they need funding to increase their impact.